B.Sc. (Hons) Microbiology

Duration:   4 years course.
Affiliation:   MGM University, Aurangabad.
Eligibility:   H.S.C. Science with minimum 45% marks ( 40% for Reserved categories).

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms. Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses play a very important role in ecology, health and industry. Complete understanding of structure, function and contained use of microorganisms is important for productive application of microorganisms to derive economic benefit. This requires various skills necessary for isolation, culture, identification and improvement of microorganisms. Study of microbiology course will equip student with requisite skills to become competent for services in agriculture, pharmaceutical, and food industries where these skills are required and are in demand.
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Semester 1
  1. Chemistry-1
  2. Biology: Concepts and Connections
  3. Microbiology: Principle and Exploration 1
  4. Biochemistry -The Building Blocks of Life
  5. Microbial Structure, Identification and Distribution
  6. Micro building Block Lab
  7. English
  8. Microbiology Historical 20 Turning Persons and 20 Turing discoveries
  9. Open Courseware
Semester 2
  1. Chemistry-2
  2. Microbiology: Principle and Exploration 2
  3. Microbial Physiology and Metabolism
  4. Genes and Cells
  5. Immune System in Health and Disease
  6. Bioskill sets laboratory
  7. Micro Skill Mini Projects
  8. English
  9. Open Courseware
Semester 3
  1. Molecular biology of gene
  2. Virology and Cellular Microbiology
  3. Microbial Fermentation
  4. Enzymology
  5. System Microbiology
  6. Molecular chemical Biology Laboratory
  7. Fermentation Technology Laboratory
  8. Writing and presentation skills
  9. Indian and Global Microbial Research and Market study
  10. Open courseware

Semester 4
  1. Microbial enzyme and Kinetics
  2. Genome maintenance and Regulation
  3. Mycology
  4. Advance fermentation Technology
  5. Molecular Basis of Bacterial Infection
  6. Microbiome
  7. Microbial analysis
  8. Open courseware
Semister 5
  1. Soil and environment Microbial Biotechnology
  2. Microbial Mechanisms of Foodborne Disease
  3. Wine and Brewing Microbiology
  4. Synthetic Biology
  5. Biomanufacturing process Science & Experimental Design
  6. Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology
  7. Microbial Genome analysis
  8. Open Courseware
Semister 6
  1. Genome and Human Disease
  2. Pharmaceutical and industrial Microbiology
  3. Diagnosis and Industrial Microbiology Lab
  4. Symbiosis, Plant Immunity and Disease
  5. Gene editing technologies for Microbiology & therapeutic
  6. Analysis of bacterial gene expression
  7. Plant, Genome editing and analysis Laboratory
  8. Design Biomanufacturing Facilities, Critical Utilities, Process & equipment
  9. Biomanufacturing Laboratory
  10. Microbial genome analysis
  11. Open courseware
Semester 7
  1. Biosafety, IPR and Bioethics
  2. Biofertilizer, Biopesticide, Bioinsecticides
  3. Microbial Quality Control
  4. Poster/ Seminar/ Oral Presentation
  5. Research Mini-Projects
  6. Open courseware
Semister 8
  1. Project/ Internship